Virtual Back to School Night 2021-22 Information


Marshall Governor's STEM Academy

Back to School Night (BTSN)

Back to School Night will be held September 14thThis will be a live, virtual event. Due to positive feedback from last year’s event, current COVID rates, and parking space issues, it will not be held at school. You will be able to visit with your child’s teachers live, from your home.

For your information, each teacher will post a link to their class at 5:00 pm on the 14thTherefore, you will need to have a parent Schoology account and know how to access your child’s classes. Certainly, your child can help you with this.

  1. Prior to September 14, make sure that you have downloaded Zoom on the device that you are using to “attend” each teacher’s class. Zoom is already loaded on student computers, and this link will help you download it on any other device

  1. To access Back to School Night, you will need to log into your Schoology Account at

  2. To log-in to Schoology, use the same credentials as your ParentVue account. If you have any issues accessing your account or if you have not yet set-up a ParentVue account, visit this site

If you need additional support, you can scroll to the bottom of that site, and click the link to submit a ticket for help.

Parent Student Support icon

  1. Once you are in Schoology, you can navigate to each of your student’s courses, and look for the Green Back to School Night Folder that will become available 5:00 pm on September 14. This is where you will find each teacher’s Zoom Link, as well as the schedule for class rotations, which is copied below.


The schedule for BTSN will be as follows:

“Red/Odd Day”

1st period                      6:00-6:10                             

3rd period                      6:13-6:23             

5th period                      6:26-6:36

7th period                      6:39-6:49

“Blue/Even Day”

2nd period                     6:52-7:02

6th period                      7:05-7:15

8th period                      7:18-7:28

Teachers will post a recording of their session the following day.