Information Technology

Cyber: Computer Systems Technology A+, Cyber: Network Administration, Cyber: Routing & Switching, Cisco, Cyber: Cloud Computing, Cyber: Security+

Information Technology Course Sequence

For students new to information technology:

  • Cyber: Computer Systems Tech I, one credit.  Certification:  IT Fundamentals.

For students with some background in information technology:

  • Cyber: Cloud Computing | Dual Enrollment (DE) Option with Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA)
  • Cyber: Network Administration I, one credit. Certification: Server+/MTA 
  • Cyber: Computer Systems Tech 2 A+, two credits. Certification: Comptia A+ | DE with NOVA
  • Cyber: Network Administration II, one credit.  Certification: Network+/MTA. Prerequisite: Network Administration I.
  • Cyber: Routing and Switching, Cisco 1 (Cisco 1A, .5 credit and Cisco 1B, .5 credit=one credit). Certification: CCENT.
  • Cyber: Security + Capstone, one credit. Certification: Security+.  Prerequisites: 3 Marshall Academy IT credits or CyberPatriot experience and senior status.
  • Cyber: Routing and Switching, Cisco 2 (Cisco 2A, .5 credit and Cisco 2B, .2 credit=one credit). Certification: CCNA.  Prerequisite:  Cisco 1.


  • Advanced Info Technology & Computer Science Teacher, HS

    Cyber: Cloud Computing 

    Cyber: Computer Systems Technology

    Cyber: Security+

  • Network Admin Teacher, HS

    Cisco Levels 1 & 2

    Computer Systems Tech Level 1

    Network Administration Levels 1 & 2


Cyber: Computer Systems Technology A+

Cyber: Network Administration

Cyber: Routing and Switching, Cisco

Cyber: Security+

Cyber: Cloud Computing

The Cyber Cloud Computing course teaches the Computer Network Software Operations, Advanced VDOE curriculum and focuses on cloud infrastructure, deployment, security models, and the key considerations in migrating to cloud computing. Covers the technologies and processes required to build traditional, virtualized, and cloud data center environments, including computation, storage, networking, desktop and application virtualization, business continuity, security, and management.

IT Course Pathway