Support for Students

Career Experience Specialist

Shelli Carpenter Farquharson,, 703-714-5581

Career Services include: Career and Field Experiences, Individualized Career Counseling and Planning, Internships, Job Shadowing, Resume Writing Workshops, Life and Professional Skills, Career Fairs, Career Speakers, Mentoring, Business and Community Partnerships, Financial Aid and Scholarships, Academy Ambassadors, Community Service Learning, and more.To get involved, please complete the Marshall Academy Business Inventory

Professional School Counselor

Niki Haubner, @email, 703-714-5594

As an academy counselor, it is my mission to empower students to pursue highly specialized, technical, and academic opportunities. Through collaboration and communication with base school counselors, parents and guardians, and academy staff, I provide comprehensive, data-driven counseling services in the personal, social, academic, college, and career domains.

School Counseling Services include: Personal, Social, Academic, College and Career Counseling, Goal Setting, Academy Events, Academy Admissions, Community Outreach and Marketing.