Course Registration

Interested in Attending Marshall Academy?

Marshall Academy Registration Process

  1. Meet with your school counselors to talk about fitting Marshall Academy courses into your schedule.
  2. Visit the Marshall Academy class you are considering (visits are arranged by your school counselor). Classes are open for student visitors on Wednesday or Thursday, January through March.  Seeing the class in action can be really helpful in making your decision, but visits are optional.
  3. Attend the Marshall Academy Open House.
  4. Check your email account to confirm your application has been submitted by the deadline.

​​​​​​Registration Time Line

  • March 15: Your school counselor should submit your class registration intention request by this date to be considered on time.
  • April 5: You will receive an email to your account alerting you of your accepted, waitlisted or denied Academy registration will be accessible through your school counselor.

NOTE: Students whose registration is received after the March 15 deadline will be considered for enrollment, as seats become available. If a class is oversubscribed, students will be placed on a waitlist.

Academy Decision Process

  • Grade level (juniors are given priority in 2-year programs, seniors given priority in 1-year programs), future career goals, interest, and related activities may be used as tools to select students in oversubscribed courses.

The Marshall Academy classes listed below are open to rising 9th graders:

Your middle school counselor will need to submit the academy application; he or she can contact the Marshall Academy school counselor, Niki Rosett-Haubner at @email with any questions.

Current eighth graders may arrange for a daytime visit to a Marshall Academy class by contacting Niki Rosett-Haubner at @email. Students must provide their own transportation back and forth to Marshall Academy.