Cyber: Computer Systems Technology A+

Cyber: Computer Systems Technology A+

Have you always wanted to know how a computer works?  Are you the person a friend or family member goes to when they are having computer problems (or do you want to be that person)?  Join us in the world of computer technology!

  • Guest Speakers from local community
  • May enroll in Business Cooperative Internship Program / Participate in FBLA
  • Students finish the course prepared for postsecondary education and training, and a successful career in information technology.

Cyber: Computer Systems Tech 1 (1 credit)

  • Students will prepare and sit for the Comptia IT Fundamentals Industry Certification exam
  • Learn how to assemble a computer system, install an operating system, troubleshoot computers and peripherals, and use system tools and diagnostic software.
  • Develop skills in computer networking and resource sharing.
  • Explore the relationships between internal and external computer components.
  • Develop Workplace Readiness Skills; emphasis is placed on customer service skills and career exploration.

Cyber: Computer Systems Tech A+ 2 (2 credits)

  • Students will prepare and sit for the Comptia A+ Industry Certification exam
  • Train in procedures for optimizing and troubleshooting concepts for computer systems and subsystems.
  • Explore wireless technologies (e.g., Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) and create and configure a network.
  • Emphasis is placed on technical proficiency, skill-building, and workplace readiness.

Top Reasons to Enroll in Computer Systems Technology A+

Want to be able to fix your computer?

If you have ever had a computer problem you know it can be one of the most stressful situations to be in. In Computer Systems Technology A+ you will learn how each component works together and how to recognize what is going wrong when a computer stops working.  You will learn a troubleshooting process that will allow you to figure out any problem that may be going on with any computer, laptop, or smartphone. You would have to be crazy to think that this class wouldn’t help you in the future whether you plan on being an accountant, entrepreneur, engineer, or software developer.

Want to make your computer faster?

Have you been experiencing frustrating load times on your computer while trying to open documents, play games, or watch videos? This class will teach you ways to speed up your computer and make sure that it is running at peak performance. You will also know how to upgrade any part of the computer that is holding you back.

Interested in getting a leg up in the Information Technology (IT) industry?

The A+ certification shows employers that you know about computer systems. Certifications can be the ticket to getting high paying jobs and this class allows you to get the certification for free while you are still in high school! Having the certifications is impressive to both employers and colleges and will help open doors to future success. Many people who work in the industry pay thousands to take this class on their own time.

Know how to pick the best computer

With so many options, buying a computer can be a headache. After taking this class you will understand what the different computer components do and how they will affect performance enabling you to easily make a decision. Computer Systems Technology A+ (this class) will demystify each component of the computer and allow you to pick the best fit for any situation from gaming to video / photo editing.

Get Certified: A Real World Bonus

By passing the Comptia A+ certification exam taken at the end of the course, you will not only have a great understanding of computers but  something to show potential employers to prove you are ready for any task! Many people who work in the industry pay thousands to take this class on their own time.

Protect yourself from viruses and hackers

In this class you will gain the know-how to ensure that you are being safe when using the computer. Understand what is happening when someone “hacks” your computer or network and how to prevent it. Viruses can completely wreck your computer so know how to avoid getting them and fix the problem if a virus does happen to get past your securities.