Information Technology

Cyber: Computer Systems Technology A+, Cyber: Network Administration, Cyber: Routing & Switching, Cisco, Cyber: Cloud Computing, Cyber: Security+

Information Technology Course Sequence

For students new to information technology:

  • Cyber: Computer Systems Tech I, one credit.  Certification:  IT Fundamentals.

For students with some background in information technology:

  • Cyber: Cloud Computing | Dual Enrollment (DE) Option with Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA)
  • Cyber: Network Administration I, one credit. Certification: Server+/MTA 
  • Cyber: Computer Systems Tech 2 A+, two credits. Certification: Comptia A+ | DE with NOVA
  • Cyber: Network Administration II, one credit.  Certification: Network+/MTA. Prerequisite: Network Administration I.
  • Cyber: Routing and Switching, Cisco 1 (Cisco 1A, .5 credit and Cisco 1B, .5 credit=one credit). Certification: CCENT.
  • Cyber: Security + Capstone, one credit. Certification: Security+.  Prerequisites: 3 Marshall Academy IT credits or CyberPatriot experience and senior status.
  • Cyber: Routing and Switching, Cisco 2 (Cisco 2A, .5 credit and Cisco 2B, .2 credit=one credit). Certification: CCNA.  Prerequisite:  Cisco 1.


  • Advanced Info Technology & Computer Science Teacher, HS

    Cyber: Cloud Computing 

    Cyber: Computer Systems Technology

    Cyber: Security+

  • Network Admin Teacher, HS

    Cisco Levels 1 & 2

    Computer Systems Tech Level 1

    Network Administration Levels 1 & 2


Cyber: Computer Systems Technology A+

Cyber: Network Administration

Cyber: Routing and Switching, Cisco

Cyber: Security+

Cyber: Cloud Computing

IT Course Pathway