Engineering Courses

Robotic Systems 1 | 1st Semester - 2 Credit Class 

Grades: 10, 11, 12

Pre-requisites : STEM Design

Certification: Workplace Readiness Certification

Robotic Systems provides an orientation to high demand, high salary careers available
in assembly and manufacturing of mobile and industrial robot applications.
Students will participate in individual and team activities to create products that
demonstrate the critical elements of robotic design, fabrication, and testing. Take your engineering interest and knowledge to the next level!  

  • Get ready to uncover the world of electronics and robots in a double-block class!

  • This semester-long exploration delves into the inner workings of technology.

  • From building circuits and experimenting with VEX robotics to creating projects using Arduino, this hands-on course immerses you in the world of tech. 

  • We'll explore 3D printing, simulate Mars Rover missions, and understand how these skills connect to teamwork, safety, and potential careers in technology.

Robotic Systems 2 | 2nd Semester - 2 Credit Class

Grades: 10, 11, 12

Pre-Requisite: STEM Design

Certification: Workplace Readiness Certification

  • Building on Robotics 1, Robotics 2 takes your tech knowledge to the next level in another engaging double-block class! 

  • Dive deeper into robot programming and applications in manufacturing and assembly. 

  • Through hands-on activities, you'll refine your machining skills and delve into system engineering. 

  • This course aligns with STEM Robotics studies and sets the stage for potential careers in robotics, engineering, and technology.

Engineering Systems 1 Honors - 1 Credit Class

Grades 11, 12

Pre-requisites : STEM Design

Certification: Workplace Readiness Certification

Engineering Systems 1 Honors is designed for students to investigate the high-demand career area of advanced manufacturing and engineering technology.  Students learn the different types of manufacturing, the value, and societal, economic, and environmental impacts of manufacturing. Students will also examine key aspects of green manufacturing and assess the product life cycle. More in-depth understanding of production processes will be explored.  Students will outline the product-development process, describe the engineering design process, use the engineering design process to plan production, and apply manufacturing systems to produce a prototype.

The topics covered include: 

  • Explore careers in manufacturing including green manufacturing

  • Develop shop skills for a variety of tools including hand tools, power tools, and CNC

  • Explore materials and processes used in a variety of manufacturing methods

  • Design, prototype, and build engineering projects using a variety of tools and fabrication methods.

  • Research and implement a manufacturing plan using sustainable resources, energy efficiency, conservation, and pollution prevention

Engineering Systems 2 Honors - 1 Credit Class

Grades 11, 12

Pre-requisites : Engineering 1

Certification: Workplace Readiness Certification

  • Building upon Level 1, students will navigate complex manufacturing concepts, emphasizing societal impacts, environmental concerns, and ethical considerations. 

  • Engaged in challenging projects, students apply advanced design processes to innovate solutions for community partner problems, gaining expertise in engineering design, prototype development, and sustainable manufacturing practices, equipping them for practical application of engineering principles in real-world scenarios.