The Marshall Academy Entrepreneurship Program will introduce students to the skills needed to launch their own business.  The Entrepreneurship Program’s goal is to provide a positive learning environment where students can achieve their highest potential in the study of entrepreneurship.  Standards of Learning are supported in the course.

  • One credit class
  • Open to 11th or 12th Graders
  • Dual Enrolled with Northern Virginia Community College; students earn 3 college credits 
  • Learn how to write a professional business plan
  • Market a product through an interactive curriculum
  • Develop Financial Literacy and Workplace Readiness Skills
  • Field Trip to Wholesale District in New York City and run a store at Market Days
  • Field Trips to various university programs
  • Guest Speakers from local community
  • May enroll in Marketing Cooperative Internship Program
  • Earn NRF Customer Service and/or Sales Industry Certification
  • Participate in DECA

In Level 1:

Students are introduced to the exciting world of creating, owning, and launching their own business.  Students will learn concepts and techniques for planning an innovative business and living the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

In Level 2:

Students who wish to concentrate on advanced strategies for entrepreneurship are provided a differentiated classroom environment to meet their specific needs. The focus of the course is on development of a business plan and small business management. Students will establish, market, and maintain a business.